Building 4 pack abs may take work, but it does pay off and not just in the form of looks. Sure, you look good, but they can also help in preventing injuries, maintaining good posture, improving athletic performance and alleviating lower back pain. Your body fat percentage and current fitness level will determine how quickly you can get 4 pack abs. Bear in mind that genetics also play a role in this process, as they determine how fat is distributed in your body. Follow these simple tips for building 4 pack abs:

  • Adjust your diet

Your body fat percentage needs to go down for you to get 4 pack abs. A caloric deficit is needed for burning fat, which means you have to burn more calories than you consume. But, cutting calories does not mean you don’t follow a healthy diet. Go with whole grains and lean proteins and watch portion sizes. Keep yourself hydrated and fill up on fruits and vegetables and other healthy snacks.

  • Add cardio to your routine

You can reduce your body fat percentage with cardio, which is key to making 4 pack abs. There are some types of cardio that are better than others for building the abs you want. HIIT i.e. high intensity interval training is one such option to explore, as it keeps your heart rate up thereby giving your metabolism a boost and promoting fat burning.

  • Focus on core development

Your underlying abdominal muscles can be strengthened with core exercises and they also boost your metabolism, so your body is burning calories even when it rests. This is how you can reduce body fat percentage, which is key for building 4 pack abs. Some of the exercises you can do for building your core include heel tap, Russian twists and side planks.

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